Alianza Team USA

Alianza Team USA

We are a B2B business specializing in fats and oils with more than 75 years in the industry and a presence in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile. Our commitment is to generate innovative solutions for the food industry that allow us "to feed a better tomorrow", this is why our team is diverse and made up of more than 10 PhDs specialized in the food industry.

Alianza Team USA has globally renowned practices such as innovative transformation, responsible sourcing, stability and shelf-life development, cutting-edge refining, design for application, and optimized logistics. Also, we have worldwide certificates that position us as a safe, reliable, and efficient ally for food-producing companies. Through our thorough research, we help companies manufacture valuable food and products that are safe for consumers and propose efficient solutions to problems such as excessive cost or limited supplies.

Currently, we have a range of capacities as a state of the art refinery facilities, pilot plants for basic technology, interesterification processes, analytical platforms to understand fats and oils, application labs for plant-based meat and dairy, chocolate, and beverages, pilot plants for experimentation of emerging technology and cutting-edge mineral oil-free deodorization system.

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